Join us on an adventure walk and awaken your inner adventurer!

Adventure walks in the New Forest utilise the New Forest National Park’s right to roam. Using maps and a compass you will be taken through ancient woodland, open heathland, bogs and mires and learn some of the skills to be safe and survive in this environment. Away from the tracks and paths that most people use you will get a unique experience of the area. Your qualified guide will help you to ‘read’ the land and navigate safely.

‘Would highly recommend to anyone looking to do something fun and learn new stuff at the same time! Perfect for all groups and ages as being outdoors is universal and the leader seems to adapt the pace and content to your group.’ Rosie, Kent

These walks can easily be adapted for all ages and can integrate many activities within them, such as team building, wellbeing and mindfulness activities. Are you looking for something different to do with your colleagues? Running out of ideas for the next birthday party? Private Adventure walks can be organised and designed to suit your needs.

Use our calendar to see when the next Adventure Walk is happening or contact us to organise a private Adventure Walk.