dscf1656We run regular Guided walks in the New Forest National Park from April 1st to  Nov 1st


Walks last between  2 hours and 3 hours. Walks start at 10 am or 1 pm and you will be given detailed directions to a meeting location in the Northern part of the National Park at one of the forests car parks.


Use our calendar to see when our Guided Walks are taking place


Walks look at the history, wildlife and ecology of the area with a local, trained guide. Walks are suitable for all ages as long as you are able to walk over uneven ground for up to 3 hours (with breaks).


You will be taken on a circular walk to make the most of your time in the National Park and so you will not have to find your own way back to your vehicle at the end of the tour!

If you have your own way of getting to the New Forest National Park then this option is for you.

Book in advance or on the day.


 £20 per adult                   

Children under 16 – Free


Don’t have your own way of getting to the New Forest National Park?  We can collect you from your home, train station or nearby town. Please contact us for more information.

ancient woodland trees in the new forestPrivate Guided Walks

Is there a particular part of the New Forest National Park that you want to explore?

Do you want to make sure you make the most of your time in the National Park?

Trained guides take the hassle out of having to plan routes, find the best places to walk and also give you an insight in to the New Forest National Park.

Walks are tailored to meet your needs, utilising our knowledge of the National Park to allow you to access areas you may not visit independently. You can pick your pace and determine the length of the walk. We can accommodate walks from an hour long to 12 hours long and can take walks out at anytime during the day, or night!


Examples of some of our private walks

  • Visiting the World War II archaeological sites.
  • Tracking and observing Deer.
  • Exploring the different types of woodland and finding ancient trees.
  • Insights into commoning.
  • Learning to navigate with a map and compass.
  • Night Hikes.


Collection is available from your accommodation or home.


Walks can be organised for you on the same day.

Please contact us to discuss your needs

 walkingImportant Info

  • Wear suitable shoes: Walks take place over uneven ground. While every attempt is made to choose routes to minimise impact on the ground, some areas may be wet or muddy. Closed toe shoes with good grip are advised.
  • Embrace the British weather: Walks will take place in all weather. Bring a rain coat/sun cream/extra layers just in case.
  • When nature calls: There are no toilets on any of the routes. Please consider this before leaving.
  • Look but don’t touch: It is highly likely that you will see ponies, cattle, donkeys and possibly pigs on your walk. While these animals are not wild they are not used to human contact. Under no circumstance should you try to pet or feed animals in the National Park.
  • Leave only footsteps: The National Park is a unique ecosystem, even something as simple as a tissue or piece of chewing gum can have an impact. If you carry it into the National Park it needs to be carried out.
  • Smoking is not permitted at any point on the walk.